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Data & Analysis


Dashboard & Reporting

Help organizations reach their reporting, dashboard, and scorecard goals with timely, accurate and detailed budgets. Work collaboratively with client finance team and leadership, while accomplishing deliverables. Integrate with existing team members. Provide direction, education, and information, working through challenges and being solutions oriented. Act as a source of contact and resource to team and end users. Support reporting development, distribution, administration, and training as needed. 

  • Develop powerful reports and visuals for organizational data

  • Custom report writing, dashboard and scorecard development

  • Improve operational outcomes with informative analytics

  • Offer insight into organizational best practices and help develop tools and processes for success

Data Analysis

  • Ensure accurate and complete importing of data from source to ERP system

  • Collect and analyze historical data

  • Validate data and reveal gaps in processes or reporting  

Service Line Performance

  • Based on client reporting needs develop service line criteria

  • Analyze service line patient data

  • Determine cost-effectiveness and operational efficiency of services

Data Analysis
Service Line Performance

Population Health

  • Develop macro population health Accountable Care Organization (ACO) risk models, including assumptions and presentations

  • Collect and analyze population data from trusted sources

  • Make important financial decisions based on population data

Population Health

System Conversions

  • Effectively and efficiently convert healthcare accounting and financial systems, including budget, cost, capital, long range planning, comparative analytics/benchmarking, contract modeling, provider, productivity, populations health, service lines, ACO and patient billing systems

  • Work with clients as design partners in software configurations

  • Help clients with system enhancements to optimize existing solutions and processes

  • Train system administrators, finance staff and end users to use the new systems, build reports and create budgets

  • Provide transition tools to facilitate conversion process

Systerm Conversions
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