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Partnering with you to bridge the gap

Let us help you overcome challenges.

We're experienced healthcare finance staff, who enjoy working with our client teams, shoulder to shoulder, through staffing, technology and process changes. We have broad and deep experience turning healthcare, higher education, financial data, processes, and tools into actionable information.

We quickly handle your finance software system administration, budget cycle setup, planning, and rollout through board packages, as well as custom reporting, monthly process automation, documentation and training new and existing staff.  We work across modules and source systems, with full understanding and mastery of the financial, clinical and IT integration.

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Our team was changing from a custom install to a standard version of software. At the same time, we were rolling through budget, preparing to install daily and bi-weekly productivity, provider budgeting, cost accounting, and benchmarking. Lynn was recommended to us, and I’ve been very happy with the services and “can-do” attitude that have followed. The team has stood alongside us by converting custom reports into the standard version, provided hours of training and loads of guidance. The team has helped by providing extreme hand-holding as we progressed through various builds, and is comfortable communicating with support on our behalf. We’ve been very pleased with the professionalism and good-natured spirit of the team. Would recommend them to anyone looking for FP&A expertise!

Robert Muzny, Director, Decision Support

Norman Regional Health System

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